Dennis Chamberlain
Photographic Artist
This is a just a small sample of the 100's of pieces available in the Timberland Gallery at Candle Lake.  Photographic Artist Dennis Chamberlain warmly invites you out to view the Gallery.  Admission is free, and the gallery is open 12 noon till 6 PM every day, all summer long.  Please, come visit, talk and enjoy the Gallery.

The unique ink on canvas printings give a vibrant gallery quality, ideal for the living room, bedroom or just for a feature wall in your home.  These pieces are available in full-format sized of 8x12, 16x24, 24x36 and even larger, depending on the piece.  Frames are available to match your selection, or you can take the piece on stretch-bars for hanging in it's natural state or for framing at a later date.  Either way, these brilliant and inspiring works of art have to be seen to be appreciated.

Dennis has released several 'limited editions' this year, which are quickly becoming favorites among is customers and friends.  These limited editions, each with a signed certificate of authenticity, are even more valuable as the editions sell out.


Bay Lake

If you have seen Dennis's work at a trade show, art competition or at his Gallery before, be sure to attend again.  Dennis has expanded his portfolio greatly with dozens of new pieces over the last year.

A 'WildLife Series' has been added recently with stunning detail and clarity, showing the subtle hairs of a Red Fox, the inquisitive stare of the elusive Lynx, and the haunting dignity of the Loon.  Each of Dennis's WildLife Series is a faithful and powerful image of some of the most difficult to capture of God's Creatures, framed in their natural environments.

Ideal gift, for those who have a connection with Candle Lake, a history with Saskatchewan, or for those who just appreciate fine art.  Timberland Gallery can deliver or ship your selection, framed or just stretched, to you in time for that special someone's Birthday or Christmas.

A gift of a "Chamberlain Original" is sure to provide years of enjoyment and beauty to your home, as well as be a conversational centerpiece.

Northern Dancer

Dennis's patients and dedication to his art are visible in many pieces in the Gallery.  Some involved weeks of work to capture just the right light, just the right moment.  "Northern Dancer", one of his best selling and most acclaimed works, shows the brilliance of the Aurora Borealis as reflected on the glass-calm of Candle Lake. 

With a God given talent to see, feel and know when the image is just right, Dennis works from his heart with a passion that is clearly evident in the quality of his art.

NEW:  Dennis's latest work

"Dennis has lived his entire life in Northern Saskatchewan.  His connection
to the land, and his respect for it's inhabitants are evident in his art"

Dennis Chamberlain - Timberland Gallery
Box 212, Candle Lake
Saskatchewan, Canada
S0J 3E0

Contact Dennis:
Phone: (306) 922-4670
Fax:      (306) 922-4671