Dennis Chamberlain
Photographic Artist

Dennis Chamberlain is an award winning Saskatchewan artist who captures the unique beauty of Canada in a way that only photography can.  His vivid photographic art illustrate his close connection to the land and his respect for all of its inhabitants.  Over the last few decades, his work has been published in tourism brochures & books, it has won competitions and awards, and most importantly, touched the hearts of those who see it.

With over twenty-five years of professional and artistic experience, Dennis is passionate about his art and passionate about the preservation of Mother Earth.  The son of a trapper, commercial fisherman and businessman, Dennis grew up in the bush lands of Northern Saskatchewan.  As Dennis says about his childhood, "I was always out and about and very much at home in that my father called 'God's Country'".

Please, view some of his art work online, and visit the Timberland Gallery.

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"Dennis has lived his entire life in Northern Saskatchewan.  His connection
to the land, and his respect for it's inhabitants are evident in his art"

Dennis Chamberlain - Timberland Gallery
Box 212, Candle Lake
Saskatchewan, Canada
S0J 3E0

Contact Dennis:
Phone: (306) 922-4670
Fax:      (306) 922-4671